Mesquite Coffee Table with Glass Center and Turquoise Inlay

Who We Are...

My name is Larry Hawkins, a native of south Texas. I grew up in Corpus Christi where I enjoyed all of the attributes that the area had to offer. Corpus Christi is known for fun in the sun, beaches, and fishing. In about 1980, my Dad came home with a wood lathe and all the equipment that goes with it and ask if I wanted it. For those that are not sure what a wood lathe is, it is a machine that spins the wood in a circle so that you can carve the piece in to whatever you desire. The thought of spinning wood intrigued me, so I said sure!

Little did I know just what all that would mean in the years to come. I knew nothing about the machine at first. I literally went to turn it on for the first time with a football helmet on. I had no idea of how fast to run or what tool did what. This was a long learning curve to say the least, but I persevered and continued to practice for years to come.

The easiest wood supply in south Texas was easily the Mesquite tree. This wood covers millions of acres in the ranchlands of south Texas, so for a couple of years, that's all I used. The more I practiced with it, the more I realized just how incredibly beautiful this wood is when it is finished properly. As the years rolled by, I raised a family, but kept honing my skills by keeping it as a hobby. With a family, I had to dedicate a lot of my time to other things. I moved to western Kentucky in 1992 and worked at a power plant until this last year when I retired. I am semi-retired now and my kids are gone, so now I have more time to dedicate to my pursuits.

I take pure delight in opening a piece of wood to expose the inner beauty that nature has given. In my shop I use a large mix of equipment to bring this beauty to light. From saws for the tables, river mirrors, and headboards, to the lathe for turning plates, bowls, and platters, to all the other tools that help refine and craft raw wood in to beautiful and unique pieces of furniture.

The wood I use for my shop is all recovered from Texas. I have friends back home that own large ranches that I have access to. They clear mesquite trees for cow pasture regularly. This is a precious type of wood that would rot if it sits too long, so I go retrieve it so that it can be put to great use. I go down to south Texas regularly to collect them and bring them back to Ky. I have a friend up here with a saw mill so I contract him to saw the logs in to useable lumber. Although my favorite wood is Mesquite, because of its color and characteristics, I also use other types of wood that are more easily accessible. The good thing about western Kentucky is the fact that there is a great supply of trees here, like Walnut, Cherry, Sycamore, Osage Orange, Cedar, and Red/White Oak. I have a local tree company that I partner with. They remove trees everyday and call me when they get a good tree that can be turned into a beautiful piece of woodwork. This keeps them from simply turning into firewood.

I am a smaller shop, but I have honed my skills by many years of experience. I am open to trying just about anything I haven't tried before. If I don't have a picture of what you have in mind, and you have an idea for something different, let's talk.

Bring a Piece of Nature's Beauty Into Your Own Home...

If you're interested in a river table, mirror, bowl, barn door, or other artisan piece, give us a call. We do have some home decor pieces ready for order, however, most of our larger pieces are custom made-to-order. We can work with you to create the size, style, color, and character that you're seeking, even sourcing specific types of wood to suit your tastes.

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